Who am I?

My name is @MMAFanJesse. I am just a regular guy who has a nerdy fascination for everything to do with Mixed Martial Arts. It all started out that I just wanted to write content about MMA and share it with the world. However I got to thinking that maybe it could be something more. MMA is my passion and I want to make it my life’s work. Therefore I decided to take a chance and quit my job going 100% in to this.

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What are my goals?

My dream is to build a community of other MMA nerdz like me. People who are enthusiastic about MMA. A network of people that help each other out. I want to make daily content like blogs and interviews, creating a separate voice from the mainstream MMA media. I want to support MMA related charities, small businesses, and fighters. I want to make a members website that is profitable for myself but also my members, and the MMA community.

Purpose of the community

We are a positive community, friendly to each other and the fighters. We are creating a separate voice. We are going to help each other out. I encourage other MMA writers and businesses to join this site and let’s work together to grow. We are not an MMA news site, our goal is to create unique and entertaining content. We can have private discussions in a members only forum. Gain social media followers without spam. Share betting advice that only members can view. We will constantly be looking for ways to improve the experience for our members. We are in our Beta phase at the moment. Join now and help grow the community. We want your suggestions to help this site grow.

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Website Features

The basic membership for MMA Nerdz will be $2 per month. The biggest selling point for wanting to be a member of this community is the chance to win a monthly prize, always valued at over 50$

You will also have access to:

– Members Forum

– Nerdz Rankings

– Podcast Ratings

-A monthly charity will be voted upon by the members. You will also get the satisfaction of support charities while having a chance to win prizes, and be part of a growing community so why not?

– Monthly Charity