Cyborg strikes fear in to the hearts of the bantamweights.

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Before Ronda Rousey came to fame there was Cris “Cyborg” Justino. She was in the first women’s fight to ever headline a main card where she defeated Gina Carano. She hasn’t lost since then, and has not gone to decision.

Even when Ronda was a dominate champion there was the discussion that she wouldn’t be the best Pound for Pound(P4P) until she defeated Cyborg.

At first the UFC couldn’t get the deal done with Cyborg but eventually they did.

Ronda Rousey used the excuse that she was too big and that bantamweight was her division. Cyborg fights at 145lbs and Ronda at 135lb. But the UFC does not have a 145lb division.

Where is the precedent for that? When have you seen fighters go down in weight for a a big fight?

Bj Penn went up in weight to Welterweight. Anderson Silva when he was champion went up 20lbs and fought 205ers. Conor Mcgregor went up to fight for RDA’s belt, not the other way around. So why do all these girls seem to be scared to go up 10lbs for the money fight?

That’s just what it is, a money fight. MMA fans are clamoring to see Cyborg against some of the other p4p women but instead we get the same old thing. A girl with a lot of potential but not much to lose. That’s why they take the fight because they have nothing to lose. It takes away from the excitement. Where are the top 10 girls?

The UFC even has to make the fight at 140lbs catch weight to even get Cyborg a fight. UFC has neither 140lb or 145lb but they decide the Cyborg has to fight at 140lb arbitrary.

Can you imagine Dominick Cruz, or TJ Dillashaw refusing to fight Aldo, or Conor unless it was at a 140lb catch weight? I just don’t know why 5lbs is such a big deal.

So stop being scared homies. Someone at the top of the women’s bantamweight division needs to step up and take the money fight. It’s what the fans want. You can’t be the best in the world if you don’t face the other best.

and to the UFC just make a 145lb belt and have Cyborg defend it. It doesn’t need a whole division the challengers will come. It is no different than what you are doing now except it gives Cris the belt that she deserves. Real fighters will go up 10lbs for a chance at expanding their legacy.

You want a payday ladies? What would Mcgregor do.

What do you guys think? Are they running scared, does Cyborg deserve to have a 145lb UFC title? Let me know in the comments or @MMAFanJesse on twitter.

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