GSP vs Michael Bisping

Money Fights: Georges St. Pierre vs Michael Bisping

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Money Fights: Georges St. Pierre vs Michael Bisping

This segment we dive into fights that we would like to see and that we think are “money fights”. Fights that will make the fighters a lot of cash, and the UFC as well. These fights need to capture the fans imagination, get them fired up, trend well, and sell well. Up for debate this week is Georges St. Pierre vs Michael Bisping. Two guys who belong near the top of everyone’s pound for pound greatest of all time list. We don’t just want a fun fight, we want a fight that makes sense and doesn’t ruin the division. This is a fight that makes sense for both fighters. This is a fight that could be a best seller and go down in history as one of the best and most memorable of all time.

Georges St. Pierre is one of the best selling martial artists of all time. He was the co main event at UFC 100 and all of his pay per views sold beyond the average for the year it aired. At UFC 129 he sold out the arena and earned himself the largest MMA gate in North America with 55,000 tickets. To Canadians GSP is a hero, for 3 years in a row he was awarded Canadian Athlete of the year. He stood for what Canadians believe in, we are tough and we love fights. That’s why we love hockey. Most of all we try to be polite and respectful. Rush was the poster boy. When he fought, everyone was talking about it. Before MMA was ever mainstream Georges St. Pierre was a name that casual fans knew. He brought MMA to Canada and his departure is directly correlated to the decline of MMA in Canada. People have been still talking about him fighting all this time that he has been retired. GSP returning is bigger than Brock Lesnar coming back for the hardcore fans. He is a true legend of this sport, who holds many UFC records.

He is one title defense behind Anderson Silva for he most defenses of all time. Many believe he is probably the greatest of all time.(G.O.A.T) When he left the UFC it felt abrupt. I wasn’t expecting when he retired as a champion. I think many of us wanted to see him fight longer, his legacy could have been even greater. If he stays retired he would still be one of the best ever. Yet if he comes back and wins he can become the legit G.O.A.T. He could win the middleweight title and become a two weight class champion. Furthermore everything about him makes him the prime candidate for a money fight. But it’s not just Georges St. Pierre that can draw a fight. Against Michael Bisping it would be an awesome rivalry between the Canadian and UK fans and these two fan bases would show up and tune in.

Michael Bisping is a fighter that has been carrying the European market of the UFC since he won the ultimate fighter 3 in 2006. He was the first British fighter to ever headline a UFC. For a decade he fought the best middleweights in the world. He coached a season of TUF which rallied the UK fans around him. He fought at UFC 100. His fans always expected he would be the first British champion. It was a long time in the making but it finally came. He accrued an impressive record of 19 wins in the UFC tied with GSP for the most ever. Therefor If GSP doesn’t come back and fight this man he will lose his record. Bisping is now the UFC middleweight champion, which means you don’t want to hold up the belt for too long. But in my opinion there are some perfect rematches to happen at the top of the middleweight Division.

Yoel Romero is coming back from suspension this fall I think it would make sense for Jacare. It’s Souza’s most recent loss and Yoel tested positive in that fight. You could give either of those guys the shot, but it wouldn’t hurt for either to get another win under their belt. The other fight to make is a rematch between Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman, They were going to have this fight. Both men are coming off championship losses. I think this fight makes sense. This means that there is time for Bisping to hold the belt and have a super fight with GSP. People are even talking about Dan henderson fighting Bisping for the title. If that fight can happen so removed from the actual title picture, then so can this showdown between two MMA legends.

If this fight were to happen, Bisping would become the second man to fight the two G.O.A.Ts Anderson Silva and GSP. The other man was Nick Diaz. Bisping’s name is bigger than ever, he is doing movies and he is doing analyst work. He is doing a good job of selling himself. These two guys would bring in the views. Every on the fence MMA Fan in Canada will tune in to watch GSP Return. Every casual in the UK would tune in to watch their champ against the greatest of all time. No matter the venue, GSP’s home or Bisping’s home it would sell out. They are symbols of their respective countries. They are the Conor Mcgregor’s of their much larger markets. Once we dreamed of GSP vs Anderson Silva. Now we have the man who defeated The Spider. This has the appeal to make the hardcore’s happy and the casual fans interested. The Count and Rush were both featured on the best selling card of all time. UFC 100. I predict that this card would also be one of the best selling of all time. These two fighters have the ability to pierce through to the mainstream media. It is a fun fight that captures the imagination. Furthermore both of these fighters want to fight each other.

On Fox sports live Michael Bisping implied that someone from Georges camp reached out to him and said Georges is interested in fighting you. When the interviewers asked for his thoughts on it he stated “Tell him to sign on the dotted line.” [Source]. Bisping stated on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani that this fight got him excited. He alluded that the fight would be a great seller, and that GSP’s return would be short lived. He said if GSP wanted to fight him it would be an honor and certainly not something he would turn down. [Source]

When those interviews were happening it seemed more like a fantasy than something that could happen. It all changed on Monday, June 20th when Georges St. Pierre announced on The MMA Hour that he was ready to fight again. Although he denies that anyone from his camp reached out to Michael. He has had his training camp and it was successful, now he knows that he is ready for a come back if UFC and his managers come to an agreement. He still feels that he is at the peak of his career. He implied that if there was another run it was time to do it now.

He gave a response to Bisping saying his return would be short lived. When played the clip he laughed, then said there are two things he is proud of. His welterweight title and his record for most wins in the UFC. Georges claimed that Ariel was giving him chills. If he ever wanted to come back it would be for something big. He said that Bisping is a guy that is in the spotlight right now. He said If its a fight the fans want and the money is there then he is down for the fight. Also relevant is that he said he preferred Bisping over Sonnen and Silva because they both popped for PEDs.

The reason he is willing to go up to fight at middleweight is because now that he was retired he believes he can be more experimental. and he believe that he can defeat Michael Bisping. There still might be some complications with his contract though. He wasn’t willing to make a definitive statement. His managers handle all of the negotiations. He has a great relationship with his agents and he promised them he would never take a deal without their blessing. [Source]

If you want to make some money Dana white. Test out these markets with the biggest stars and do it right. You are in for a red panty night.

Thanks for reading MMA NERDZ that’s all for now. Tell me what you think in the comments or on twitter @MMAFANJesse. Is this a good fight? Why should or shouldn’t it happen. If you like the idea let’s get this one rolling on social media. Give the people what they want Dana.

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