Opinion: A bad time for Ultimate Fight Night: Halifax

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There are three things that I think are going to affect ticket sales, and the environment of the UFC Fight Night Halifax show. If they keep the same time as last time the main card doesn’t even start until 11PM.

They chose a volatile and snowy month to visit Nova Scotia, often times our worst month for snow and bad roads. Thirdly they chose to do the event on a Sunday.

I attended the first event in Halifax, it was a blast there was a huge turn out and the excitement level was super high. But there was a drop off point. In Halifax the main card does not begin until 11PM which can mean by the time the event is over it is 2am.

Maybe it’s because Nova Scotians are big drinkers and started during the prelims but you could definitely feel the energy start to slide from the arena. So my question is why? Why sacrifice the vibe of the live event for a event time that you have already set the precedence for it being changed.

We’ve had events happen at mid day. I am not calling for a tape delay but just some wiggle room for event times. I think this would make the environment for a live show even better.

This is going to stack with the fact that they picked February to come to Nova Scotia. I don’t know whose great idea that was but if you’ve ever been to NS in February, you already know that usually there is a snow storm every other day.

People are fed up from shoveling, cold, and tired from driving on icy roads. That coupled with the show not ending until 2 am or after. I could see it have an effect on how many people actually show up for this card.

The final nail in the coffin is that this show is on Sunday. Halifax is a very working class town. Most UFC fans are going to have to work that Monday. Not saying that they can’t request it off but it is just another thing that narrows down the amount of people that are going to be willing to attend.

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