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The Curse of Ian Mccall

Ian Mccall hasn’t fought since January 2015, however he’s been scheduled to fight 4 times since then. Firstly he was scheduled to fight Dustin Ortiz in a rematch but he wasn’t able to make this fight because of an injury. He got himself healed up and wanted to get in there again. At UFC 201 […]

Cyborg strikes fear in to the hearts of the bantamweights.

Before Ronda Rousey came to fame there was Cris “Cyborg” Justino. She was in the first women’s fight to ever headline a main card where she defeated Gina Carano. She hasn’t lost since then, and has not gone to decision. Even when Ronda was a dominate champion there was the discussion that she wouldn’t be […]

Misconceptions about fighting

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) has gone through an evolution since it’s early days. There are still many misconceptions about our sport, people think it is violent and brutal. But we know there is more to fighting than meets the eye at first glance. MMA is sometime called fighting but it is much different […]

We want to see Dan Hardy return against Will Brooks/Joe Lauzon/Kenny Florian

Dan Hardy is well known for his commentary and analyst work, but there was also a time when he was one of the most promising and exciting welterweights in the division. He even left on a winning streak. His popularity has grown since then and in recent interviews he has implied that he wants to […]

Al Iaquinta can’t afford to fight in the UFC

Raging Al Iaquinta is conservatively ranked at #13. Being on a four fight winning streak. He’s one of the most well like and exciting fighters in the UFC. He fights out of a great camp in Long/Serra and had great training partners who believe in him. His top wins include UFC veterans Ross Pearson and […]

It’s red panties for Bellator and Chael Sonnen

It’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about subjects of the week. Chael Sonnen has signed with Bellator Fighting. He was once the middleweight title challenger, only seconds away from submitting one of the greatest of all time – Anderson Silva. We thought it was a no brainer that he would resign with the […]

Transformations of the Dragon: A Lyoto Machida Tribute: Vol.3

Form #3 Super Saiyan 2 Lyoto “Full power Machida” An era ends. A Legend Rises. In the phase of The Dragon’s career, he went full power. It all starts out with his desire to finish Shogun, silence the haters, and prove that his style taught to him by his father was the best. UFC 113 […]

More than Fighting: What got me hooked to MMA

All of us discovered mixed martial arts in a different way, but I think there are many similarities in our stories. Maybe you stumbled up on it, or were introduced by a friend. It doesn’t matter how you found it, it matters why it attracts you. Chances are you might remember the first fight you […]

Wonderboy will be the next Welterweight Champion.

When it comes to the Welterweight division, there is one guy who is being overlooked and that guy is Stephen “Wonderboy’ Thompson. This Phenom has gone 13-1 in his MMA career. He has beaten the best there is to offer, and earned a title shot after beating Rory Macdonald at UFC Fight Night 89. Or […]

The current state of MMA: Trash talking and bullying.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is a recent trend of trash talking in the UFC. It has always been a part of the sport with guys like Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen, but since the coming of Conor Mcgregor it’s been put to the next level. It’s seem proven at this […]

Transformations of the Dragon: A Lyoto Machida Tribute: Vol.2

Form #2: Super Lyoto -The Dawn of the Machida Era. Some would call this form The Dragon’s “prime”. A major power up from his base form. He weighed in heavier, and was being pressured for finishes. Band wagon fans started to jump on. He got a lucrative sponsorship from Bony Acai a “super” food. He […]

Transformations of the Dragon: A Lyoto Machida Tribute: Vol.1

When you ask the question – Who is the G.O.A.T? Some might say Lyoto Machida. He has stepped up and fought all comers and the very best in the world in 2 weight classes. A former champion with 8 performance of the night bonuses. Greatness has many forms, and sometimes Machida comes in different forms. […]

Is UFC making a mistake letting Rory Macdonald go?

It has been announced that “The Red King” Rory Macdonald has left the UFC to sign with Bellator MMA. On August 23rd, Rory’s management were notified that the UFC would not be matching Bellator MMA’s offer. On August 24th The Red King was removed from the UFC rankings. [Source] I think this hurts the UFC […]

Ultimate Fighting Championship: The Next Generation

Year after year the UFC is getting bigger. More eyes on the octagon means more stars in our sport. This is my list of The Next Generation of stars for the UFC. Hope you enjoy Fly Weight (125lb) Louis Smolka Age: 25 Record: 11-1-0 “Da Last Samurai” Louis Smolka is only 25 and already has […]

UFC ushering in a new Era of health and safety at UFC 200.

UFC ushering in a new Era of health and safety at UFC 200. You may have heard about some of the new weight cutting rules in Joe Lauzon’s vlog. You may have also heard that Jon Jones was pulled from UFC 200. These things may not seem related at first. But both a sprung from […]

Sage Northcutt found the golden ticket.

On July 9th we will witness the biggest MMA event of all time. From top to bottom this card is stacked with former champions, veterans, and the biggest stars. Its been a long time in the making. People have been waiting for this event ever since UFC 100 and their expectations have been growing. The […]

Top 7 MMA Fighter Movie Appearances

MMA Fighters are entertainers at heart. The sport of mixed martial arts requires a person who is a mix of an athlete and an entertainer. Their larger than life personalities allow them to excel even outside of sports. We are going to look at 7 times when A fighter was being an entertainer more then […]

GSP vs Michael Bisping

Money Fights: Georges St. Pierre vs Michael Bisping

Money Fights: Georges St. Pierre vs Michael Bisping This segment we dive into fights that we would like to see and that we think are “money fights”. Fights that will make the fighters a lot of cash, and the UFC as well. These fights need to capture the fans imagination, get them fired up, trend […]

Eddie Alvarez vs Rafael Dos Anjos

A Clash of Kings: Lightweight Division – Eddie Alvarez vs Rafael Dos Anjos

A Clash of Kings: Lightweight Division – Eddie Alvarez vs Rafael Dos Anjos The light weight division is full of contenders only a fight or two away from being in a title fight. The Division is one of the deepest in the UFC, there is a bounty of fighters all fighting for the throne that […]

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Nogueira’s Legendary Career

My favorite fights of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s Legendary career. July 10th we will celebrate the career of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as he gets inducted in to the UFC Hall of Fame. No fighter deserves it like this man does. He has been around since the beginning of the sport. Put on some of the best […]

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