The Curse of Ian Mccall

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Ian Mccall hasn’t fought since January 2015, however he’s been scheduled to fight 4 times since then.

Firstly he was scheduled to fight Dustin Ortiz in a rematch but he wasn’t able to make this fight because of an injury. He got himself healed up and wanted to get in there again.

At UFC 201 he was expected to return against Justin Scoggins. Only 2 days before the fight Scoggins announced that he would not make weight. The fight was pulled by the UFC. Ian got paid his fight purse.

Next they tried matching him up against Ray Borg who also pulled out. This time only 3 days before the event and it was become of illness. The UFC paid Ian for this one as well.

Now he is matched up against Neil Seery which will be his 4th announced bout since the last time he fought in 2015. We only hope that both of these men show up to the fight so that Uncle Creepy can finally get a fight.

In a way it’s lucky, getting paid without having to fight, but fighters want to fight.

I don’t know if it coincidental, if the fighters are scared, or if Uncle Creepy really is cursed. I guess we might find out November 19th.

Do you guys think the curse is real? Will Ian Mccall make the walk Nov.19th let me know in the comments or @MMAFanJesse on twitter.

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