The current state of MMA: Trash talking and bullying.

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It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is a recent trend of trash talking in the UFC. It has always been a part of the sport with guys like Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen, but since the coming of Conor Mcgregor it’s been put to the next level.

It’s seem proven at this point that bad blood equals more money. Is it worth being in the UFC if you are not willing to create a rivalry, talks shit and maybe get in a few press conference brawls? What happens outside of the octagon matters as much as the fight itself. Just ask Rory Macdonald – who puts on amazing fights but was only getting paid 59k/59k to fight. Drama is what pulls in the big numbers and Drama is what will get you paid.

What does that say about the casual mainstream fan? What do they think about the sport of fighting when they see the aftermath of press conferences like UFC182 or UFC202. Shoes were thrown, bottles were thrown. Grown men swearing at each other. Childish behavior. The UFC’s best seller Conor Mcgregor is a Bully.

There was a time when martial artists were respectful. Traditional Martial Arts was about humbling yourself Standing up to bullies but not being a bully. It was about respecting others, including your opponent. I like to believe that is what martial arts is about still

Nate Diaz, Conor Mcgregor, Jon Jones, they are not good role models but they are beloved fighters. People like Daniel Cormier are getting booed, and “Wonderboy” Stephen Thompson isn’t getting the push he deserves. He’s getting over looked by the champion even though he deserves the shot. Is it the UFC’s fault or is this just what the casual fans want? I know most hardcore fans are happy with just a good fight. We all had a dream that this sport would be mainstream. Maybe this is what it takes.

Be careful what you with for, because now the ufc is starting to look more and more like WWE. The guys embracing this style are the ones bringing in the numbers and getting paid. Some people think this is elevating the sport because more eyes means more money and it trickles down to all fighters. But so does the image, an image that fighters have worked so hard to try and change. The perception of MMA used to be that it was barbaric. Knuckle heads talking shit and acting tough. Fighters like GSP fought to change that perception, he was a professional.

UFC fans all over the world have had to explain to their friends and family that fighters aren’t what you’d expect. We used fighters like GSP and Lyoto Machida as examples of how fighters were amazing athletes and nice people. Not the bully that you would expect. But now fighters like Diaz and Mcgregor are squandering what was built before them.

What do you guys think? Is this just the nature of the “entertainment” part of MMA? Should we start calling it MMAE: Mixed Martial Arts Entertainment? Do you think this is a problem? Or am I just over reacting. Let me know @MMAFanJesse

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