Wonderboy will be the next Welterweight Champion.

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When it comes to the Welterweight division, there is one guy who is being overlooked and that guy is Stephen “Wonderboy’ Thompson.

This Phenom has gone 13-1 in his MMA career. He has beaten the best there is to offer, and earned a title shot after beating Rory Macdonald at UFC Fight Night 89. Or so we thought.

Tyron Woodley won the title from Robbie Lawler and in an interview after the fight he blatantly turned down Stephen to his virtual face. Instead he chose to call out veterans who have been away from the sport for years. I don’t know what you guys think, but I think he’s afraid. For good reason.

Wonderboy is Tyron Woodley’s Kryptonite. Thompson only has one loss in the division and it is because they threw him in to the deep end in his second UFC fight against Matt Brown. Since then he has become more well rounded. Once he was just an incredible stylish striker, now he is a complete martial artist.

His strikes are feared in the division. you can’t even get close without getting caught. He has been able to KO some of the best in the division. Wrestlers like Hendricks and Ellenberger. They couldn’t take him down, he demolished them. In his last fight with Rory Macdonald, he not only showed that he could hang with the best, but he completely out classed The Red King and shut him down.

What do you need to beat Tyron? an fierce striker that can keep his distance and defend the take down. Wonderboy makes his opponents pay for even trying to close the distance with him. Not only wood Wonderboy defeat Tyron Woodley, he would destroy him. So Tyron has reason to be scared.

Stephen Thompson is not just a great fighter but he is also a great role model. He is a breath of fresh air in the UFC. He is fun in interviews but he is a respectful professional. He is a true martial artist in a sport full of entertainers.

He is what the sport needs right now, and he is coming for that belt. Tyron Woodley better hope that the UFC gives him mercy and listens to his plea for an easier fight.

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